CORNERSTONE follows culture based on "FOUR" core Values.


CORNERSTONE follows culture based on "FOUR" core Values.

Clients -

Satisfaction of our clients is the supreme aim, goal and basics of our activity on which we build our future. We aspire to excellence in serving clients.

Employees -

We pay a particular attention to the employees. We invest in training and good work conditions. We encourage a respectful behaviour one toward another. We do not accept manifestations of nepotism and favouritism.

Professional Ethics -

We respect the law and the moral requirements in each aspect of our activity. We keep strictly the confidentiality of the information.

Professionalism -

We appreciate in our activity the innovation and the knowledge, we improve continuously the processes and we always strive for perfection.

Your reputation matters! We ensure a trouble-free collection of receivables from your clients.

Forget hiring account receivable teams! We will take care of your end-to-end operations and reduce your costs.

You get the praise while we get the job done. We will work as your co-partners.

We work in cohesion with your system to retain data confidentiality. You can trust us.

Size of your company doesn't matter. We work to keep you debt-free.

We strive to keep your working

We bring 25+ years of experience for quick resolution of complex and nerve-racking issues.