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Legal & Litigation Services

This mode of service is for those clients who just won't pay unless they are pressed by legal action, but you consider there is a good chance your debtor will co-operate once served with a summons (Statement of Claim) or by way of subsequent enforcement action. So, given the above, our Litigation Services team avoid unnecessary high costs and on-going commission and to ensure you are able to recover the full amount of your debt.

Our litigation team specialized in locating missing & unpaid clients by using all the tools at their disposal. They utilize databases that are legitimately available along with any credible information found through in-depth inquiries. We put our best efforts within the budget allocated for a particular location.

A report with complete narration of the search conducted and its results is provided to you with transparency as the primary motive. Large credit providers often chose legal action to retrieve unpaid dues but lack the management skills, infrastructure, and most importantly, time to conduct these proceeding in a swift economic manner. It's evident in most scenarios that large corporations choose inexpensive and slow litigation process which involves dealing with solicitors directly while handling commission of other debt collection agencies.

How We Operate

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    With your approval If you wish, we can also attend to issue letter of demand and/or telephone demand(s) on your behalf, prior to any legal action. We would be happy to discuss these further requirements with you.

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    On receipt of your bad debts list, we will facilitate the same day drafting and prepare summons via our lawyers, including a claim for accrued interest, file the summons into court and then have a judgement entered on your behalf.

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    In the event of our lawyers obtain judgement on your behalf and where no response is received from your debtor, we can arrange for the preparation, filing and where applicable, service or initiation of further and if necessary, concurrent legal proceedings to enforce your debt.