CORNERSTONE follows culture based on "FOUR" core Values.


Credit Control

Our primary goal is to get your payments on time by amicably working with your clients. Our credit control professionals execute "out of the box" thinking as they pursue all viable options to ensure the maximum collection and recovery of your money at any given point of the collection cycle, irrespective of your business volume.

To achieve our goals on time, we strictly adhere to our collection process. A letter of demand is issued to your debtors within 24 hours of your account's receipt, unless instructed otherwise.

Our Collection Process are as follows

Day 1 - Soft Reminder Letter: A friendly yet firm request is sent to your clients for direct payment of their pending dues to you.

Day 8 - Second Reminder Letter: On the second occasion, our letter firmly points out the inaction to the first letter sent and intimates your client that overdue payments should be paid by a stipulated deadline.

Day 15 - Telephone Contact: We proceed to make telephonic contact with your client as they have failed to provide a satisfactory response. Your debtor will be informed about the legal ways of retrieval if payment to your account remains unpaid.

Day 30 - Third & Final reminder: We inform your debtors firmly that inspite of our two reminders & discussions, your payments are still pending and further advises the debtor that legal action will be sought if payment not made within said date. We will also convey one last time that we want to settle this issue amicably without experiencing bitter taste.